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Nakamura Chikusan Co., Ltd

August 29, 2023

English page release


10:10 a.m., March 21, 2023

"Bimeiton" brand website opened

What is Bimeiton?

SPF brand pork with soft, juicy flavor and sweet, light fat
Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by ‘


Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by ‘Nakamura Chikusan Co., Ltd’ in Namekata City, Ibaraki Prefecture, which has been enthusiastically supported by those who are sensitive to taste, with its well-balanced taste of fine and tender lean meat and sweet fat that is not cloying.

 Bimeiton has received endorsement from restaurants that are particular about the ingredients. In terms of safety and security, it is also favored as a reliable food that Japan can be proud of.

 Through the links to our online shop, you can find the links for butchers and restaurants that stock Bimeiton, as well as hometown tax payment information and Kashima Antlers area licensed products. We hope you enjoy it.

Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by ‘


​Won a total of 16 Minister of Agriculture,

Forestry and Fisheries Minister's Awards


Grand Prize, Technology Development Category,

Ibaraki Prefectural Livestock Association

SPF certified pigs

JGAP certified farm

Farm HACCP certification


Thanks to your support, Nakamura Chikusan has received numerous awards and certifications since its founding. In order to produce delicious pork, it is important to provide a healthy environment for pigs to live in.

Nakamura Chikusan is proudly and humbly accepting these awards as a result of our effort. Most of all, we are grateful to everyone involved. The staff of Nakamura Chikusan and Bimeiton Marketing Promotion Council would also like to express their sincere appreciation.

History of Bimeiton


The dawn of Nakamura Chikusan dates back to 1955. The founder, Yoshiaki Nakamura, established the company in its current location in Aso upon his marriage, utilizing his knowledge and skills in both the transportation business he had been running and his wife Michi's family's butcher store. At the same time, he began to pursue the path of pig farming. After four years of pig farming in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture, he established a full-scale piggery named Nakamura Chikusan in the current city of Namegata. Sows are bred, and piglets are raised with love from the piglet stage, certified as SPF pork, and transition to pig farming that focuses on both taste and quality.

 Kazuo, the current president, and his wife Yumiko are involved in the management of Nakamura Chikusan and created "Bimeiton," inheriting the spirit of their predecessor, Yoshiaki, and consolidating the groundwork for a stable supply system that does not compromise quality.

 Now, the heirs, Ryutaro and Yoshiki, drive their business and carry on the history of Nakamura Chikusan and Bimeiton to the future. Details of history will also be updated from time to time.


Specialty feed

Contains carefully selected
natural ingredients suited for each growth stage
Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'

Feed training 

Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'

Early stage (Milk)

Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'

Late stage (Milk)

Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'


Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'


Bimeiton is SPF brand pork produced by  'Nakamura Chikusan'

For parent pigs


 The most important thing is that pigs live healthy and stress-free lives. Nakamura Chikusan is particular about the intestinal health of pigs. Selected grains are heat-pressurized and softened to improve their digestion. In addition, in order not to rely on Kapok seed oil cake, which is questionable in terms of safety, the piglets are fattened in a natural state by adding high amounts of barley into feed even though it increases the costs of breeding.

 Corn, barley, soybean, olive oil cake, alfalfa meal, molasses, lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and many other unique innovations! The flavor of Bimeiton is the inevitable result of our attention to detail through all stages of growth.


Breeding environment for Bimeiton 

Nakamura Chikusan's piggery, located on the banks of Kasumigaura, is arranged on a large, spacious plot of land surrounded by rich nature. Sunlight shines into the piggery from the south.

In addition, various technologies are used to control the sunlight and ventilation. The temperature is controlled by automatic curtains throughout the year. Moreover, it has been meticulously designed to provide cool air in hot summers by alternating operation and floor heating in the cold winter, and is controlled by temperature sensors. In order for pigs to live comfortably and healthily without stress, we are very particular about having comfortable sunlight, air, and temperature, as well as tasty feed.

 The reason why Bimeiton has received numerous awards and certifications is because of our thorough efforts in epidemic prevention. Cleanliness and epidemic prevention, which are the foundation of health, are thoroughly managed not only in the piggery but also throughout the entire farm. Therefore, we have no choice but to take a strict attitude toward those who attempt to enter the premises without prior notice. We are earnestly working on epidemic prevention measures for pig health and for people who eat pork throughout the whole industry and the nation.

Breeding journey


 A day at the piggery begins with a health check of all the pigs. We feed the pigs twice a day and make sure that the piggery is always clean and comfortable, creating a stress-free environment for the pigs. Then, the day ends by again making sure all the pigs are healthy and comfortable. 

Throughout the year, we ensure that the sows are in a comfortable environment. Healthy sows give birth to healthy piglets, and it is very important to ensure piglets are able to drink colostrum from their sows. The antibodies contained in colostrum are the most important factor in the pigs' future health. Also, within half a day to a day, the piglets are given iron and nutritional supplements to grow healthier.

 They are fed a few days prior to weaning, and are bred so that they can finish weaning around 21 days after birth. Then, we carefully determine the growth stage and change the feed mixture in several stages according to their growth. Details will be added to the page below as needed.


Our thoughts

​ Through Bimeiton, Nakamura Chikusan strives to contribute to a delicious and safe food culture and to the creation of local communities and society in the future. Specifically, we will explain from time to time a wide range of topics such as stress-free breeding methods, regular road paving as a consideration for the local community, methane gas as an environmental consideration, organic compost production for use in agriculture, lifestyles that lead to the physical and mental health of the staff, and more.

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